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Faith communities working together to create flourishing cities
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Victorian Council of Churches
Urban Shalom Society

Faith communities are present in every city all over the world, yet are often silent when it comes to systemic issues and the massive effect of rapid urbanisation. Globally and locally, there are both huge challenges and tremendous opportunities for urban environments. With a densifying centre and inner ring and growing outer suburban ring, understanding and shaping urban environments is a particularly important exercise for all faith communities. Melbourne’s growth is reflected globally, with over 50% of the world’s population living in cities, and this expected to rise to at least two-thirds by 2050.

CBBC has joined with the Victorian Council of Churches, Victorian Multicultural Commission and the Urban Shalom Society to run a faith-based Urban Thinkers Campus in Melbourne, 1 of 6 that will be run globally. This 2 day event aims to raise awareness of issues affecting the development of cities in the region; strengthen relationships between faiths; equip and empower members of faith communities to become actors in their local communities; and provide a conduit to the global conversation around faith and the city.

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Thought Leadership and Networking

The centre acts as a hub, seeking to bring together practitioners, academics, leaders and other interested people for conversations and action that will help in the development of flourishing communities.

Education, Training and Research

CBBC provides a range of learning opportunities, through seminars, mentoring and learning communities, workshops, and gatherings. The centre also carries out research into domestic and global issues that affect our communities.


Through CBBC's in-house expertise the centre is able to offer in-depth and diverse knowledge to reach meaningful outcomes that will benefit all your stakeholders.

Media and Communications

The CBBC media arm contributes to social media, publications, podcasts, and videos to communicate the latest research and ideas on developing flourishing communities.

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We see a world where a community can be a place of flourishing

Where everyone has
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The opportunity to live a purposeful life
A sense of belonging to place and to others
The ability to contribute
The opportunity to lament and celebrate
A growing connection to meaning or spirituality

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