Understanding the Journey Towards a Full Life

Exploring homelessness, marginalisation and trauma on the streets of Melbourne
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Over recent years Australia has seen a steady increase in the number of people experiencing homelessness. According to Wesley Mission using figures derived from the 2016 Census results 116,427 people are currently experiencing homelessness Australia wide across all 3 tiers. This is a rise from 105,000 estimated homeless at the time of the 2011 Census. In the City of Melbourne, rough sleeping has risen from 142 people in 2014 to 247 people in 2016. These figures don’t include people experiencing homelessness in other ways, i.e:

  • living in cars
  • rooming houses
  • staying with family or friends

With the homeless trend on the rise, a core question becomes; what type of approach or intervention will see people not only having their basic needs met but moving to a point where they are interdependent and journeying towards a full or flourishing life?

Over recent years there has been research seeking to quantify the problem, explore the efficacy of current interventions and a little exploration of what life is like for those experiencing homelessness. However, particularly in an Australian context, there has been very little research that explores the effect of homelessness on the individual or indeed sustainable pathways out of homelessness.

Our research will go further seeking to build on existing research by exploring peoples lived experience of trauma whilst homeless and unearthing pathways out of marginalisation and exclusion based on their experience, strengths, and abilities.

From the perspective of the person with lived experience, this research will show a unique picture of the journey through homelessness and the homeless sector as well as the effect that journey has on the individual and their ensuing ability to live a full life.

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